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Disease-causing pathogens have become increasingly resistant to existing synthetic antibacterial and antiviral therapies. ContraFect is developing unique approaches to overcome drug-resistance. These therapeutics will remain active regardless of future resistance to synthetic therapies, such as occurs with antibiotics. ContraFect's Mabs target conserved regions on microbes, bypassing changes in targets due to mutation. Lysins, a class of enzymes that digest the key components of bacteria, the cell wall, kill bacteria instantly upon contact, rendering bacteria incapable of developing resistance.
When drugs are used one at a time—as they are in current monotherapies—and a drug is not effective, a second drug is used. However, many synthetic drugs interact with each other and can cause serious side effects. Thus, the process of bringing them to market requires extensive, lengthy regulatory review. Mabs and Lysins are not synthetic. They can be used in concert with each other. They act only upon the targeted microbes and do not cause side effects. Thus, we anticipate that they will be available to the medical community and the public more quickly than most new pharmaceuticals.

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