What Are Monoclonal Antibodies?

Antibodies are Y-shaped molecules that form one of the primary components of immunity in humans and other species. In the body many different naturally-occurring antibodies are present together as a complex mixture in the bloodstream. A monoclonal antibody is a single molecular form of an antibody that can be administered to patients as a purified therapeutic protein. Monoclonal antibodies can be selected or designed to bind with very high specificity and affinity to a target (such as a viral or bacterial protein). Once they bind, they may directly neutralize the biological function of the target or recruit other parts of the immune system to destroy the target.


Disabling Bacteria and Viruses

Our approach to antibody therapy employs a combination of multiple monoclonal antibodies to either achieve greater efficacy or to provide broad coverage across pathogenic strains. Greater efficacy is achieved by blocking the biological activities of either bacteria or viruses, or alternatively recruiting other parts of the immune system to destroy the pathogenic target. Broad coverage across pathogenic strains can be achieved by combining multiple antibodies to ensure that all pathogenic strains are treated. In all cases we accomplished these goals by identifying monoclonal antibodies that target conserved regions of the influenza virus so that resistance-causing mutations cannot be generated without compromising the viability of the pathogen.


Antibody Therapy

Our CF-404 antibodies were isolated directly from human blood samples and generated by genetic engineering using in vitro libraries and other available technologies. This process enabling the screening of billions of human antibodies with different binding sites. Once the best monoclonal antibodies were isolated, we used protein engineering techniques to optimize important antibody attributes such as pharmacokinetic profile, effector function engagement, antibody format (such as Fabs, bispecifics, etc.), and manufacturing efficiency.



CF-404 is an inhaled, therapeutic cocktail of three human mAbs for the treatment of seasonal and pandemic varieties of influenza.

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