Disruptive Anti-infective Technologies

Addressing multi-drug resistant infections - a global crisis.


Our lysin and monoclonal antibody products represent new, potentially game changing approaches to treating infections, including those caused by drug resistant pathogens.

Tech Lysins
Monoclonal Antibodies

Combating Drug Resistance

Drug resistance occurs when microbes such as bacteria and viruses change in ways that allow them to grow despite antibiotic and antiviral treatment. Overuse of antibiotics has contributed to dramatic increases the prevalence of drug resistant bacteria in the community and in hospitals. Drug resistant microbes such as MRSA require longer and more expensive courses of treatment, and are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Viruses also develop drug resistance to antiviral agents. We’re developing new antimicrobial agents and novel treatment approaches to kill resistant microbes and to minimize the emergence of new antibacterial and antiviral resistance.


Product Pipeline

We are developing the next generation of anti-infectives.

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Contrafect Corporation

We focus on developing protein and antibody therapeutic products.

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