Disruptive Anti-infective Technologies

Addressing multi-drug resistant infections - a global crisis.


Our therapeutic product candidates are direct lytic agents (DLAs) that represent a new, potential paradigm shift in the approach to treating bacterial infections, including those caused by drug-resistant pathogens.  Our focus is on achieving superior clinical outcomes for patients over current standard of care.

Drug resistance occurs when microbes such as bacteria and viruses change in ways that allow them to grow despite antibiotic and antiviral treatment. Overuse of antibiotics has contributed to dramatic increases in the prevalence of drug resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, which require longer and more expensive courses of treatment and are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality.


Lysins are enzymes that digest the bacterial cell wall and rapidly kill bacteria. This process is much faster than conventional antibiotics, which typically require time for bacterial metabolism to occur before killing bacteria or stopping their growth. Other features which differentiate our lysins from conventional antibiotics include rapid biofilm eradication, specificity for target bacteria while preserving the healthy microbiome and a low propensity for resistance. In addition, lysins act synergistically with standard of care antibiotics, resulting in superior efficacy and reduced development of resistance to standard of care antibiotics when administered concomitantly.

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Amurin Peptides

We have discovered a new class of antimicrobial peptides that have potent activity across a wide range of resistant Gram-negative pathogens, including species which are part of the ESKAPE pathogens. Amurins have also shown the ability to clear biofilms and act synergistically with a range of standard of care antibiotic agents. We are developing the class for potential therapeutics to target the treatment of life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative infections.

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Product Pipeline

We are developing direct lytic agents, the next generation of antimicrobial therapeutics.

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Contrafect Corporation

We are focused on developing first-in-class biologic therapies for life-threatening, drug-resistant infectious diseases.

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